In the last Fifteen years that British-born producer, promoter and DJ Gav Whitehouse has called Melbourne home, he has become a driving force in shaping the city’s infamous electronic music scene, with his adopted home as is his inspiration and muse. Getting his hands on his first pair of turntables in the late 90s in the north of England, like most fledgling DJs, Gav first cut his teeth on harder styles. Always ready to go one better, DJing alone was not enough. His first ever event, Rotation which he ran for 4 years would eventually become the official afterparty for hard dance juggernaut Goodgreef in Preston. He later packed up and imported the event, alon in Australia in 2008, where his love affair with house and techno truly blossomed. Always pushing boundaries, it didn’t take him long to break into the close-knit scene. He commandeered One Six Ones’s notorious rooftop for three years with his Digital Sunset soirees of House with live vocalists. Always a pioneer, he even brought UK Garage legend DJ EZ over for a one-off gig back in 2015. With bold ideas and eclectic sets, the boy from the north of England quickly made a name for himself with weekly gigs at Melbourne’s best clubs including Circus, New Guernica and running his own event Frequency at Revolver for 3 years.

Gav has also become a regular on the Victorian festival circuit, warming up for Audio Jack at Maitreya, Playing the Killing Team/Eat the Beat stage at Babylon and the Mono Loco stage at Rainbow Serpent. He also added Carl Cox’s Pure festival to his impressive repertoire back in 2021 and 2023.

Gav’s weekly residency for elite House and Techno crew Eat the Beat at New Guernica has recently seen him signed as a full-time artist, catapulting an already illustrious career into even more gigs across Australia and overseas. Supporting acts such as the Martinez Brothers, Paco Osuna, Alan Fitzpatrick , Whebba , Luigi Madonna and Adreas Campo he’s also played alongside the Balearic best at Café Del Mar in Ibiza.

Ten epic years as a producer have seen Gav’s tracks signed to labels such as Shodan Records ,Roush, Catwash , King Street Sounds of New York and 303 Lovers. His distinctive, dancefloor-ready cuts stem from House to Techno always experimenting with different drum patterns on the Roland tr8s and various hardware and software synths. A combination of technical skill underpinned with passion is the winning formula for Gav.

The dancefloor is the driving force for everything he does, whose art thrives in the deep roots of Melbourne’s collaborative scene, a city he believes shines brighter because of its popular musical diversity. Over the last year Gav has reunited with Brian Smith an old friend from the UK who got him started in the scene back in the late 90s and who influenced Gav buying Brian’s technic turntables. They have now created a duo “STATE-2” and have forthcoming tracks signed with Renesanz ,Red Channel, Prospect and Bush Records ready to be released from April this year. In 2024 he plans to raise the bar playing with Eat the Beat at events planned in Fiji, Bali and Amsterdam for ADE festival.