Ever wanted to be a DJ? Now is your chance.


Eat The Beat is a Melbourne based boutique music agency with a dynamic focus on touring, promotions and event management and DJ bookings.

We are now proud to announce the launch of our Professional DJ course leaded by our most experienced resident DJs. The Eat the Beat DJ course aim to fulfill all the basic requirement and field of knowledge  related to science of the sound, beat matching, mixing and DJ equipment.

Modern DJ’ing requires a full understanding of sound frequencies and eq, beat structure, beat matching and the knowledge of the most commonly used DJ equipment and techniques.

Our course is suitable for both beginners and student with pre-existing knowledge, every student will be followed through every lesson, in the process of understanding the figure of the dj and it’s importance during events. Students will also have the possibility of being trained in order to gain experience and confidence using professional dj equipments on a real club sound system.

This is why we decided to run every single class in the secondary room of the New Guernica Club, in the earth of Melbourne CBD where our event are happening weekly.

A perfect and compact environment suitable for learning, listening, and practicing on every single topic.

During the course we will go through different topics including;

  • Who is a DJ and how his job is organized,
  • How to successfully entertain a crowd,
  • Some historical notes about music,
  • Basic sound engineering,
  • Detailed analysis of professional DJ equipment,


For students with affirmed knowledge there will be also an advanced course, focused on the most modern way of mixing and the devices and technologies related with it. This will include a full immersion in computer software, audio devices and DVS tech.