Chriss. Matto’ , is a 33 year old Italian Dj/Producer , who has an attraction to experimental music, in a universe where experimental music has no bounds.
His interest for Deejaying was sparked during his teenage years where he started developing is own musical background listening to variety of musical genres from Soulfunk to Jazz and Classic House.
His desire to produce his own tracks is paramount after being completely immersed by Byron Stingly’s iconoclastic funk track, “Get Up”.
His passion for music continued to grow as a University student, whilst studying in Milan for his Bachelor of Marketing and Economics. It is during this time that he meets Ugo Lucchese, a popular presence in the Lombardy club scene, who further encourages Chriss to perfect his art and technique.
Upon graduating, he returns home to Sicily in a job that leaves him feeling unrewarded and unfulfilled.
It is during this time , that he makes the decision to concentrate on his music.
In a small studio on the outskirts of a small Sicilian town, is where the dream begins to come alive. He finds solace working on giving various clubbing rhythms a new spin, turning them into a unique piece of art. This further immersion in music persuades him to travel to Australia to try his luck in the land of the lucky.
At private parties and clubs his music is well liked. His style is typical of Glam Deep House. A genre that is a fusion of musical styles that is full of joy, liberty and glam. – A genre that is popular during beach parties, and that appeals to music lovers.